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Whether you’re moving here for the first time, relocating within the city you already love or are simply looking for a sound investment, we can help. 


Albanese & Associates serves first-time and seasoned home-buyers alike, as well as corporate buyers. While our clients maintain a diversity of backgrounds, we’ve noticed a few common traits. They:


  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed with the details of the buying process.
  • Are attracted to the idea of living, or investing, in a big city (the country’s 7th largest) with a small-town feel.
  • Are drawn to specific areas of town, but aren’t sure which are realistically best for their wants and needs.
  • Want the property-buying process to be as simple as possible.
  • Want to do business with people they know, like and trust.
  • Know what they want and won’t settle for less.


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Congratulations –– you’re considering buying your first home! Whether you’re a young professional, recently married or just ready to start a new chapter in your life, San Antonio is a great place to do it. You’ve likely spent hours scouring the Internet: Researching, planning and dreaming.


If you’re anything like most of our “first-time” home buyers, you began with the fun stuff: Envisioning yourself in different types of spaces, imagining how you would decorate said spaces and simply, picturing the value your new home would add to your life. But, then the questions came in:


  • Can I really afford this?
  • How does the lending process work?
  • What’s the purpose of “title’s insurance?”
  • How good does my credit need to be?
  • Am I really better off buying instead of renting?
  • How much initial money can I expect to pay to buy a home?
  • In addition to my mortgage payment, what other costs are there?


Obviously, buying a home for the first-time can seem daunting. With so much to consider, it can make even the coolest cucumber’s head spin! The key thing to remember is –– you’re not doing it alone. Having “the right” real estate professional guide you through the entire process can make ALL the difference in the ease and enjoyment level of your overall experience.


Put simply, our job is to answer all of these questions for you and to work with you toward the achievement of YOUR goal.


Ready to find out more? Great –– let’s talk.

Text OR call Angelica (210) 383-4740 or Michael (210) 931-5572.




As cowboys say, this isn’t your first rodeo. You have a decent understanding of the loan process. You understand the overall timeline of buying a home. And you pretty much know what to expect.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the prospect of doing it all over again any less daunting! Only, this time, you have different questions in mind: 


  • What part of town is best for me and my family?
  • How important is it that I be close to my work?
  • What are the best school districts in the city?
  • What type of taxes can I expect to be paying?
  • Are there any “Homeowner’s Association” fees?
  • Do I need to sell my old house before moving into my new one?


Again, our job is to help you answer these questions and partner with YOU in the advancement of your goals.

Ready to find out more? Great –– let’s talk.

Text OR call Angelica (210) 383-4740 or Michael (210) 931-5572.




Considering moving to or expanding your current business in San Antonio? With it’s small-town feel, big-city amenities, low tax rates and plentiful location options, it’s no wonder many companies are now relocating to SA.


Albanese & Associates has ample experience guiding commercial buyers through the property acquisition process. When possible, we prefer to begin our working relationship by visiting your current corporate space so we can determine your exact needs –– in terms of equipment, personnel and special features you need to run effectively. We also help our clients take detailed assessments of how much space they really need. 


Oftentimes, substantial money can be saved by accurately evaluating how various departments fit together and if thoughtful workflow design is being utilized. Securing “the right” buyer and tenant representation, can make all the difference when it comes to finding the best location, negotiating the best price and undergoing a smooth purchasing experience from start to finish.
Some of the questions we help our commercial clients answer include:


  • What are CAM charges?
  • What is “rentable square feet?”
  • What is “usable square feet?”
  • What does Gross Rent include?
  • A lease rate is listed as $7.00/SF –– what does this mean?
  • What if I need to change the layout

(ie. new walls, telephone lines, electrical)?  Who pays for this?

Ready to find out more? Great –– let’s talk.

Text OR call Angelica (210) 383-4740 or Michael (210) 931-5572.


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